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Welcome to Apocalypse 2048.

A2048 is a new roleplay forum who's main theme is surviving the apocalypse of a 2038 zombie outbreak, along with robots meant to help but only managing to make things worse.

Ten years ago, man kind suffered a pandemic worse than ultimate death; ultimate reanimation.

In order to save the human race, scientists developed an army of computer controlled assassination robots in order to remove the undead from the earth, ceasing the spread of the disease.

However, something went wrong. The robots could not tell friend from foe, and even the scientists had trouble controlling them. So they developed nanomachines, to be injected into the blood stream of healthy humans. This would let the robots know who was infected and whop was not. But this ended in catastrophe as well, when the nanomachines were not properly distributed and the robots were not properly tuned. So the scientists, already receiving death threats over the deadly robots, either died or went into hiding. This left the assassination machines uncontrolled, and on a rampage.

Will you survive?

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 Mason Côte
Mason Côte
 Posted: Jul 14 2014, 07:16 PM

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Group: Rebel
Age: N/A
OOC Name: N/A
PlayBy: N/A
Posts: 1

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Name: Mason Baptiste Côte
Age: Twenty Eight
Birthday: July 31st
Sexuality: Bisexual
Currently Lives In: Someone's abandoned house
Member Group: Rebel

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Play By: Ryan Reynolds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dirty blonde
General Appearance: Having initially gotten through school on a lacrosse scholarship, Mason is built rather fit. Having always been active and interested in fitness, it is no surprise that he kept chiseled. Along with such, there are various scars across his body. From things such as drunken stunts and brawls to combat in the new dystopian world. Along with his scars, Mason has one tattoo, gotten after a night of college drinking. Some guy's name, having done it on a challenge. Whoever drank more without vomiting got the other man's name tattooed on their ass cheek, and Mason regrets having ever done it considering he had lost. It's not big, but Mason isn't pleased with it. But it makes for a good story.

Physical fitness aside, Mason is usually sporting some form of stubble. Finding a razor is hard, though if in need for a shave he simply risks the cuts and takes the blade of his knife to his jaw. Other standard looks and appearances include his brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, average as far as he's concerned.

user posted image
  • Drinking - Mason loved to drink and party in university, and the urge is still there.
  • Sex - He's a young man. Young men like to fornicate.
  • Parkour - He is excellent at it.
  • Sport and activity - Keeping in shape is important!
  • BBQ - God, he would kill for a burger.
  • Rabbit food - He wants high protein to get him through the day.
  • Being alone - He prefers company of others, but the whole zombie apocalypse makes it difficult.
  • Nags - Mason absolutely despises being nagged at. Reminds him of his mother.
  • Running, jumping, climbing, etc - He excels at it. This world is like a playground.
  • Shooting - Since getting his hand on some guns and ammunition, Mason has managed to turn himself to a rather excellent shot.
  • Hunting - He knows how to feed himself.
  • Lonliness - Mason hates it, and he tends to find travel partners quickly.
  • Indecisive - Much like quickly being able to find a travel partner, he is quick to leave them as well.
  • Math - Not like he needs it now anyway.
General Personality: Wanting to always have a good time, Mason is light hearted and energetic. Many scenarios don't phase him and he tends to be quick to action when certain things arise. He enjoys anything physical and always liked to have a game to play. The apocalypse is some what of a treat, despite everything. The ability to run about shooting targets and throwing himself over walls and fences provide a certain joy.

Other than that, Mason enjoyed the finer things in life. Mainly good liquor. It seems to be in an abundance, as it doesn't seem to be the first asset people go for. Every now and then, he comes across a gold mind of liquors in someone's basement, or in a store across the States or Canada.

He had currently experimented in making his own hard apple cider after once coming across an abandoned apple orchard.

user posted image
    Cecelia Côte - Mother
    Baptiste Côte - Father
Family Relationships: Mason has had an excellent relationship with his parents in the past. There is no word on whether or not they're still alive and Mason refuses to think about it in favour of his own sanity.

user posted image
Character History: Born in Montreal, Mason spent most of his childhood surrounded by friends and sport. So close to the canal and Ottawa, there was always something to do. A short trip to ski, and a quick jaunt down to skate on the canal. In the warmer months, Mason had spent his days play fighting with others and rolling around in the grass, or batting balls around with hockey or lacrosse sticks on the pavement or in the fields.

As he grew up, he became even more charismatic and energetic as time went on. Plenty friends, girlfriends and boyfriends alike. Popular throughout high school, Mason made his name known through the sports teams he played on. His favourite became lacrosse, with the running and hand eye coordination being a key part in the game. Though school itself wasn't his strong suite, Mason managed to grasp a scholarship and acceptance to the University of Quebec.

There he met his room mate Damien Ryker. A bit of an odd one, as far as Mason was concerned, but he was good company nonetheless. Several drunk flings, as well as some that weren't as drunk, brought them a bit closer. Though they were never entirely friends, Mason still enjoyed his presence all the same. With the outbreak starting during their university years, Mason wonders every now and then if the guy is still alive or not and if they'd ever run back into each other.

Through his travels, Mason had come across many a people. Some good, some bad, and some plain horrific. One noteable woman was a few hour fling in a car, to get their rocks off before moving forward.

Currently he has been travelling through the Eastern states in the USA, picking up and dropping others off as he makes his way back North to Quebec. In hopes of finding his parents, if they're even still alive....

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Your Name: Samantha
How You Found Us: Made us
How to Contact: PM or LINE{ask for my QR!}
Age: 21
 Posted: Jul 14 2014, 07:44 PM

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Group: Admin
Age: N/A
OOC Name: N/A
PlayBy: N/A
Posts: 7

You've been accepted! Woot!
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