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Welcome to Apocalypse 2048.

A2048 is a new roleplay forum who's main theme is surviving the apocalypse of a 2038 zombie outbreak, along with robots meant to help but only managing to make things worse.

Ten years ago, man kind suffered a pandemic worse than ultimate death; ultimate reanimation.

In order to save the human race, scientists developed an army of computer controlled assassination robots in order to remove the undead from the earth, ceasing the spread of the disease.

However, something went wrong. The robots could not tell friend from foe, and even the scientists had trouble controlling them. So they developed nanomachines, to be injected into the blood stream of healthy humans. This would let the robots know who was infected and whop was not. But this ended in catastrophe as well, when the nanomachines were not properly distributed and the robots were not properly tuned. So the scientists, already receiving death threats over the deadly robots, either died or went into hiding. This left the assassination machines uncontrolled, and on a rampage.

Will you survive?

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Jul 24 2014, 10:32 AM
characters involved
    marie ryker, darren dunes and isabella springer

    marie, isabella and darren have known each other for a long time. marie and isabella have been best friends since primary school. marie started dating darren in high school. after the outbreak the three, along with isabella's little brother joseph, have been traveling together. There has been some strain on marie and darren's relationship since the outbreak.

    isabella and darren are having an affair. more and more they think they are tricking marie into letting them go off alone. but marie knows, or at least suspects. they think she has no idea. marie is not sure what to do. a zombie apocalypse is the wrong time to alienate your only remaining friends, but what's a girl to do? she hopes her brother, damien, might have some advice, but she has yet to find him.
Jul 15 2014, 12:46 PM
the scientists
    are on the run. terrified into hiding by an angry populace. the robots are running wild, killing at will. scientists keep their identity secret, trying to pass as normal humans, or even rebels if need be.

the humans
    have enemies on all sides. zombies, robots, even other humans. this is a fight for survival, pure and simple. they never got the nanomachines and often don't know what's going on.

the rebels
    are against everyone. they want revenge. they are angry. they never got the nanomachines and blame the scientists and the alliance. each has his or her own way of going about this rebellion.

the alliance
    the financial and political backers of the scientists. also being blamed. got the injections. mostly live in comfortable camps and bunkers. are not fond of strangers. some of the younger generation think they should be trying to help but are too shut off from the rest of the world to do much.
Jul 15 2014, 12:33 PM
to identify the healthy humans
    scientists struggled to find a way to stop the robots from attacking unaffected humans as well as the zombies. it took a few trial runs, some deaths, and plenty of failures, before they found one. they built tiny robots called nanomachines to be injected into the blood streams of healthy humans.

the nanomachines
    the robots were calibrated to identify the nanomachines and know not to attack. it would have worked too, if the injections had gone as planned. they were shipped all over the world, but most were never injected. the rich, or the privileged who lived in the fancy bunkers or knew the right people got their injections but few other people. the common people blamed the scientists.
Jul 15 2014, 12:24 PM
how do we fight a zombie population
    the scientists who started the outbreak in the first place scrambled for a way to make things right. how could they fight so many zombies on a large scale? well, you build assassin robots of course.

robot assassins
    building the robots was easy, controlling them, less so. first they tried remote control, but it was too clumsy, and they had too few scientists to run the robots. so they tried automation. but the robots, however cleverly designed, had trouble discerning the healthy humans from the infected ones. they needed something to identify one from the other, but everything they tried did not work.
Jul 15 2014, 11:23 AM
in the begining
    scientists have always experimented with diseases. trying to make them more or less deadly, or sometimes, simply because they could. the year is 2038 and a group have scientists in the united states have done something terrible. they have created a whole new disease. with its affects still unknown, it was spread, by an unfortunate infected scientist, to the general population. at first it was covered up, bodies removed, the sick quarantined. but then it became too much. a worldwide plague. people were dropping like flies. but the problem was they didn't stay dead...
a zombie apocalypse
    the movies never depict it quite right. an apocalypse. its always worse, being chased down by a half alive, brain-starved once-human. worse, when you watch your family succumb and you have to shoot them in the face to protect yourself. some couldn't handle it and simply lay down to die. but the dead don't stay dead in a zombie apocalypse. others fought, even if it meant finding a weapon and fighting your way through hell. or finding a safe haven among the chaos. its all that's left now...
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