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Welcome to Apocalypse 2048.

A2048 is a new roleplay forum who's main theme is surviving the apocalypse of a 2038 zombie outbreak, along with robots meant to help but only managing to make things worse.

Ten years ago, man kind suffered a pandemic worse than ultimate death; ultimate reanimation.

In order to save the human race, scientists developed an army of computer controlled assassination robots in order to remove the undead from the earth, ceasing the spread of the disease.

However, something went wrong. The robots could not tell friend from foe, and even the scientists had trouble controlling them. So they developed nanomachines, to be injected into the blood stream of healthy humans. This would let the robots know who was infected and whop was not. But this ended in catastrophe as well, when the nanomachines were not properly distributed and the robots were not properly tuned. So the scientists, already receiving death threats over the deadly robots, either died or went into hiding. This left the assassination machines uncontrolled, and on a rampage.

Will you survive?

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 The Rules and Information
 Posted: Jul 14 2014, 01:36 PM

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    • do not harass any members, guests or staff members.
    • please make one character per account. we offer a subaccount feature were all accounts may be linked together!
    • any racist/homophobic/discriminatory actions against other members will result in an instant ban. an exception being a character that is hateful in such a way, but please post a disclaimer stating that it does not reflect your own beliefs in the application.
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    • please register with your characters full name. if your character has a title, please register with that title. you may or may not include their middle name name. for example "John Smith"
    • when filling our application out, please fill it to the best of your ability. there is no word count, but the more details, the better!
    • please don't change the application template
    • we have three applications you may choose from.
      1. Standard Application - This is a standard application. You follow the template and outline accordingly.
      2. Interview Application - This application has you answer a series of questions in character, as if your character was being interviewed.
      3. Freestyle Application - This application allows you to go wild and do your own thing. Please note this application has a word count requirement of 400 words or more.
    • the application will be accepted as soon as possible, maximum 24 hours waiting period. if it takes any longer, feel free to nudge the staff.
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    • there is no word count on this site, but we ask you have a minimum of one paragraph.
    • we roleplay in third person narrative, as well as in past tense here in the apocalypse!
    • we are rated as a 322 RPG site. this means swearing and mature language is permitted.
    • sexual content is rated two, which means sexual content must either be marked mature in the title or subject line, or a fade to black in the posts. writing about sex acts and genitalia is allowed. explicit sex is not.
    • graphic violence is permitted. explicit description or in game narrative is allowed.
    • post templates are allowed, provided they do not stretch the board. please make sure all content is legible.
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    • no advertising.
    • no spamming.
    • be respectful of other members, guests and staff.
    • do not impersonate another member.
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