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A2048 is a new roleplay forum who's main theme is surviving the apocalypse of a 2038 zombie outbreak, along with robots meant to help but only managing to make things worse.

Ten years ago, man kind suffered a pandemic worse than ultimate death; ultimate reanimation.

In order to save the human race, scientists developed an army of computer controlled assassination robots in order to remove the undead from the earth, ceasing the spread of the disease.

However, something went wrong. The robots could not tell friend from foe, and even the scientists had trouble controlling them. So they developed nanomachines, to be injected into the blood stream of healthy humans. This would let the robots know who was infected and whop was not. But this ended in catastrophe as well, when the nanomachines were not properly distributed and the robots were not properly tuned. So the scientists, already receiving death threats over the deadly robots, either died or went into hiding. This left the assassination machines uncontrolled, and on a rampage.

Will you survive?

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 Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Tag: Mason Cote (Damien + Lily, w/Steve)
Lily Forester
 Posted: Aug 10 2014, 06:58 PM

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Group: Scientist
Age: 25
OOC Name: Jessie
PlayBy: Sienna Guillory
Posts: 4

Lily Forester was pissed. She was having car trouble again. This stupid fucking solar car. But cars and gas were in sort supply, so this was the best she could do. Besides, isn't gasoline bad for babies? Not something a nearly nine months pregnant woman wants to deal with.

"Mom, maybe I can fix it?" Came a voice from inside the car. Sixteen year old Steve Carter was a stray orphan that Lily had somehow picked up. And now he thought of her as his mom. And who was she kidding, an adorable sixteen-year-old child-puppy wants to call you Mom, you don't need pregnancy hormones to agree.

"I doubt it, Stevie, I'm not even sure what's wrong." Lily called back to him.

"Well, you shouldn't be out there! It's hot and being on your feet in not good for my little brother." Steve insisted. And that's what had sparked the whole Mom thing. Steve's declaration that the baby growing inside her stomach was his little brother. She didn't even know if it was a boy, but he seemed certain it was.

Steve got out of the car then, just as Lily threw her wrench to the ground and flopped down next to it, extremely frustrated. That's when she heard the voice.


It was odd. Normally people knew better than to shout during a zombie apocalypse. Zombies were the last thing Lily needed right now with her broken car and pregnant belly. She was half-way decent with a shotgun and so was Steve, but if the yelling idiot attracted too many, there would be no escape for Lily.

She just sighed and sat there. Steve sat next to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. "It'll be okay, Mom. Don't worry."

The car containing the yelling man came closer. The man's accent had been vaguely French. Lily had known a French man once. He'd been the one to impregnate her, all those months ago. She fucking hated him.
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